APTOM International Limited is a technology product development and

consulting firm providing standard software package, system development, platform

integration and technical solutions virtually in all platforms.


APTOM focuses on research and development of innovative product for a wide

range of industries and software platforms, and we support our products with a

wide range of services. We provide services not only for our products, but also

for selected partner products and for customer applications. In cooperation with

our premium partners, APTOM focuses on providing solutions in the following areas:

•       Medical and healthcare

•       Jewelry industry

•       Finance and accounting

•       Retail and manufacturing


APTOM supports the entire project cycle from needs evaluation, to implementation,

technical training and ongoing support and consulting. We are committed to the

concept that we only deliver the benefits our clients need. From product development

to support, we work with our clients to ensure that the products and services are

tailored to their needs. Because of our distributed network structure we can also

scale project resource up or down as required very quickly and resolve unforeseen

problems effectively. We transform client needs into long-term business value and

develop user-friendly system to make our client job easier, and more cost effective.

With our talented and experienced specialists, we can assist in the long-term support

of customers systems, with varying levels of support, and a wide range of options.

These help our clients maximize the investment they have previously made in their systems.


Our core competencies lie in the following areas:

•       Application engineering and product development

•       Enterprise system integration

•       Database management systems

•       Web services and E-commerce

•       Mobile computing and wireless systems


APTOM primarily focuses on four different but major areas of business sectors of industry.

In order to provide more precise services to our clients, we carefully converge our limited

resources and utilize it effectively. To achieve this objective, we have divided both our products

as well as our services, and grouped into five major divisions. They are namely Medical Division,

Finance Division, Jewelry Division, Telecom Division and Technology Division.