Software Development   >

We offer a wide range of services to assist customers in the various stages of their mission -critical business operations. We bring technical coaching, feasibility studies, proofs of concept, and technical training to customers to help to determine how best to develop, implement and integrate new and existing technologies. We also provide technical expertise to transform customers need into final software solutions.

  Systems Integration   >

We offer integration of latest applications with legacy systems, enhancement of e-business applications with enterprise data and Web-enablement of legacy application. The existing system is re-engineered to enable connectivity to the proposed platform. This enables the client to present a single fully enabled e-business interface to your customer while increasing reliability and security. We can also assist customers to integrate separate and standalone systems from different platforms to form a more sophisticated comprehensive system to simplify or eliminate operations raised before.

  Web Services and E-commerce   >

Our services are directed towards making us prime players in the Internet based B2B solutions market comprised of web portal development, internet application development, corporate Intranet/Extranet development and E-commerce and Web Based EDI solutions. We undertake development and deployment with the guarantee of unmatched quality, performance, reliability and capabilities required by highly functional systems.

  Mobile and Wireless System Development   >

Mobile computing can serve large enterprises as well as small and medium-size businesses by accelerating and enhancing such applications as field sales-force automation, health service quality, and inventory management, to name just a few. Mobile hardware devices grow more abundant, more powerful, and less expensive every day. And services provided by internet service providers as well as telecom service providers become cheaper. APTOM is the leader in wireless and mobile technology and solutions. We provide comprehensive capabilities to develop, access, manage, monitor and secure enterprise, applications and data on leading mobile and wireless architecture.

  Software and Hardware Management   >

We optimise the use of customer applications, including hardware and software management capabilities. Abutted to the product support services, we offer basic maintenance and support services and on top of it additional, optional services according to special or individual customer needs.