Medex Version 1.0

Medex is an integrated medical system designed for small and medium size clinics

and hospitals.


Medex system is intuitive, easy to use, flexible and robust. Medex simplifies and

automates working processes, improves the quality of care, enhances patient satisfaction,

encourages "best practices", increases productivity, provides unparalleled opportunities

for data mining and analysis.

Medex provides a comprehensive and integral environment for users working from different

disciplines such as patient administration, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, dentistry, and

finance and accounting in a clinic. Core modules of the system includes


EClinic Management Modules (Clinex)

EClinical Laboratory Management Modules (Labex)
ERadiology Management Modules & PACS (Radex)
ERadiology Mobile Add-on Modules (MobiRad)
EDentistry Management Modules (Dentex)
ECentral Security Control Unit
EPatient Accessioning and Administration Unit
EPricing Management Unit
EBilling Unit
EAccounting Modules (Accex)
EDocument Management Unit
EInventory Management Unit
EPurchase Order Management Unit
EHuman Resources Management Unit
EQueue Management Unit
EReport Query Management Unit
ESMS Messaging Unit
EFax Messaging Unit
EEmail Messaging Unit



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