MobiRad version 1.0

MobiRad client is a mobile and wireless controller for health care industry.

This award winning technology, awarding from RSNA 2003, allows clinicians and

radiologists to view patient demographics and radiographs with nearly no restriction

in time and place using various wireless communication modes.


This system would serve as a tool for heath care and

medical professionals to improve the efficiency of

the health care services by speedy delivery of image

information. This is particularly important in case of

urgent consultation and it allows health care workers

better use of the time for patient care.

The Picture Archiving and Communication System

(PACS) is an integrated system for the distribution

and archival of medical images that are acquired

by different imaging modalities such as Computerized

Tomography scanners, Computed Radiography units,

Digital Radiography units, Ultrasonography scanners

and Magnetic Resonance scanners. MobiRad server

allows image management of the PACS including

display, worklisting, query and retrieval of medical

images in DICOM format.



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